I'm interested in people's stories and reflecting this through images. I'm a half German half British filmmaker and photographer, currently based in Lesvos, Greece.

I'm currently working on my first independent, feature length documentary, 'Island of Refuge'.  

I frequently travel around Europe for other media work as well.

Oliver Zimmermann photography.jpg

I specialise in humanitarian and social issues. Like my video work, my photography is predominantly observational documentary, using natural light. I mostly shoot digital and use fully manual prime lenses, often using vintage lenses to achieve a particular aesthetic.

My photographs have been published in national and international press, print and online media.

You can see more of my work via the social media links. Please follow me for updates.

For bookings please contact me via email or social media. I'm very happy to travel for interesting stories or projects.


Oliver independently founded Zed Productions Ltd. in 2010 after working as an employed documentary director in television for a number of years. He produces a variety of digital media projects for Zed, including documentaries and drama.

Oliver is also the Creative Director for Integrate Bristol. Integrate is a charity lead by young people and campaigns to raise awareness of Female Genital Mutilation and Radicalisation. All Integrate's media projects are produced in partnership with Zed.